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APR 2024

Spooky Pinball/Bela Lugosi Standup Revealed

I'm VERY excited to announce the Bela Lugosi Plastic Standup I designed for Spooky Pinball and the Lugosi Estate for Spooky's 2021 Fang Club Dis-Membership package, has been added to the galleries!

A legitimate collectable for Horror and Pinball fans alike! The only way to get one is to become a member at so ACT FAST! These are rare and going to be sought after for years to come!

The entire 2021 Spooky Fang Club Dismembership-Package includes a number of other fantastic items as well, including 7Hells Designed Keychains and Fang-Club Face Mask!

Also check out for the 7 Hells YouTube episode [ ] for some background and behind the scenes creation of the project as well (and be sure to subscribe when you do!)


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