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JUN 2024
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Monsters. Fables. Mysteries. The exotic. The intent in all of my work is to create a world and fill it with the character to become an all-immersive destination. In the case of my personal work, these are worlds of horrors. 


My personal exploration is in defining the concept of horror. To me, horror is anything unfamiliar that exists with confidence. It's more than in grotesque creatures or gore. It's in the ambiance between the individual stories in a horrifying magazine. Under the truth in the warnings on an antiquated movie poster. It's the attitude of teenagers behaving recklessly. It's in the mystique of the wink of a strong woman in a swimsuit. It's in the exotic wooden faces of Pagan gods that no one believes in anymore.


The emotional lure I use to draw a viewer in, is not fear, but nostalgia. It is the spice of emotion that accentuates anything you put it on.  I try to use nostalgia as idealized memory that forces you to fill in the gaps and weave the emotional webs that hold my worlds together.


Horrors taken out of time to re-imagine a world of friendly nightmares. This is what I refer to as 7 Hells.

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