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JUL 2024

'Tales of Winters Past' Presentation At Season's Screamings 12/4/22

7 Hells' Tales of Winters Past Presentation

Season’s Screaming 2022: a Special Book Preview Event!

"7 Hells' Tales of Winters Past"

Sunday, Dec 4th 3:45pm

Main Stage

Join Retro Horror Artist Bill Rude, your Story Teller, down a winding path of real folklore from around the world that will journey through the darkest corners of, what is, the darkest time of the year.

Learn the hidden origins that our current holiday traditions are built upon. Hear forgotten tales of beasts, big and small. Legends of curses, monsters, and ghosts that will cause your hearts to skip a beat -- but is it out of fear, or in the breathtaking beauty of being taught to face one's fears?

So come cozy up around the fire and and try to decide if those bells on the wind you hear getting closer, are exactly what you are expecting this Christmas Eve.

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